Friday, August 6, 2010

Keeping up with the times...

Work got underway today with a complete cleaning of the transport as it last left. After all dust was cleaned away, the various areas were carefully checked. Everything seems to be ok, and we take the next step forward.

The two spindle assemblies are taken apart. The 700ZXL is interesting as it has a variation on the transport mechanism. At it uses a digital counter, the deck needs some way of sensing movement and direction. There is the motion sensor found on all other decks which is powered by a long belt from the take up spool to a small light and wheel assembly. But this only allows the deck to sense movement. Both forward and reverse direction appears the same.

Nakamichi did something interesting with the other spindle by fitting this assembly on it. Two light sensors are placed side by side on one side of a wheel. the other side has a small bulb. By sensing the order of which sensor triggers first, the deck now knows which way the tape is moving.

This takes care of getting the digital counter to index in the right direction - interesting!

This assembly is removed, along with the rest of the spindle parts. With both spindles removed, all that remains in now the brake assembly and little else. Time for a good cleaning!

Above, you can see the transport with most of the assemblies stripped. The digital counter mechanism is mounted back for picture taking. The entire mechanism is carefully checked, and cleaned away of dust, dirt and grease.

Once all the dirt and old lubricants are cleaned away, the base is ready and kept away. Attention now turns to the various sub-assemblies. But before that, it is time to catch some important shows and have some rest.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Turning a new page..

After a year and a half of being in the queue, it is time for this project to see the light of the day again. All the parts had been checked and tagged. The polished capstan flywheels still have their immaculate shine, as do the other transport parts.

Stay tuned for from Nakamichi action...