Thursday, January 15, 2009

Weaving a web

As the initial wiring worked well, I started wiring more larger sections of the board. The wiring seems to work well, although some wires have to be re-done so that they hold each other.

On the left you can see how some connections are used to hold the others down. Most of the connections closely follow the original circuit path.

The leaked acid also damaged the solder pad of most components, so m
uch of the soldering has to be done to the component legs. When I remove the original corroded solder, the solder par underneath was found to be corroded also as the chemicals have reach under the pad.

Here is more soldering with close components. The center row of components are transistors and heat is applied carefully to these.

This section shows soldering done underneath two ICs. The wiring was very close and have to be cleaned and checked.

The wiring was finally complete. No glue or solvent was used to hold the wires down. Now all that remains is to power up the board. However, before setting the board back inside the actually deck, I want to check the board seperately. What are the possible ways to make the board work seperately?

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  1. Just wondering how you got on with the restoration work as I have just aquired a 700zxl. Is the battery leakage a terminal condition or have you resussitated the old girl?